Small Groups
Whether you are a parent looking for a place to connect, a retiree who enjoys socializing, someone interested in missions or service, or someone looking to dig deeper into their faith, there is a small group for you.  In addition to the groups described below, FUMC offers Sunday School for all ages as well as an active United Methodist Men and United Methodist Women group.  Scroll down to explore what is happening  the life of the church on a weekly and monthly basis has to offer.
Common Ground
Wednesdays at 6:15
This small group is geared towards parents of kids and teens of all ages.  Drop off your kids for First Kids or First Youth and stay with us!  The group meets from 6:15-7:15 Wednesdays in the LIFE Class in the basement of the main building.  They utilize a variety of stud methods including video series and topical discussion on themes. Join this group as they seek to discover where they are in their relationship with God, and where God is calling them to grow in faith and love. Come share this time as they meet each other where they are and as they are to grow together in Christ.
Explorer’s Bible Study 
Sundays at 5:00
This is for people wanting to dig deeper into God’s word. Through this multi week study participants are invited to connect with God, scripture, and each other and connect the pieces to their daily life.  This group meets at the church in the Alpha room.
The Loft – Living Our Faith Together
Wednesday’s at 6:00
This group of post high school, college and career young adults meet in the LOFT room on the second floor of the main  building. Group members join the church family for dinner on the 1st 3rd and 5th Wednesdays, and eat together on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays.  The group engages in topical discussions and playing games.  Join them as we seek to share and grow together.
Fourth Sunday at 5:00

Theis group of women come together from all ages and stages of life.  They meet monthly in someone’s home to share time with each other.  There  are always yummy treats as well as a time of study and sharing.  The group usually uses a video series geared towards women and their relationships with God, family, and each other.

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Adult Bible Study
Silver Bells and Beaus
Men’s Bible Study
Women’s Bible Study