Sunday School Classes

Sunday School meets at 9:40.


The children of the church meet downstairs in the education building every Sunday morning.  


Teenagers from 7th-12th grade meet upstairs in the education building every Sunday morning.

Faith Class

The Faith class is a blended group of mostly 30-somethings (couples and singles, with and without children) who love the Lord and one another! Its members serve in many different areas of the church and are very involved in the community. They meet upstairs in the main building, next to the Barnabas class.

L.I.F.E. Class

L.I.F.E. stands for Living In Faith Everyday.  This class is a class geared towards adult couples and singles ages 30-45, many with growing families.  This class is taught by Lyndal Waits and has a very active group led by class president Roger Barker. L.I.F.E. class meets in the basement of the main building.

Barnabas Class

This is a mixed class of singles and couples, many of which have grandchildren, several retirees, but all still very active and energetic!  Typical ages range from 45-70. The Barnabas class meets upstairs in the main building.

This class also provides the Sunday Morning Worship Service at Mountain Meadows Nursing Home on the 3rd Sunday of every month. 

Chaney Huddleston Fellowship

The Chaney Huddleston Fellowship meets in the basement of the main building.  John Ellis is the class president and the teachers are on a rotational schedule.  This class is for all ages, genders, and minds!  This is a very diverse group with members coming from many different denominational backgrounds in faith. Their motto is “we will lift each other up to the Lord by showing love and making fun of one another.”


The Alpha class meets in the Educational Building in the Alpha Class room.  This adult Sunday School group is taught by Johnny Kent and is a Bible study group who seeks guidance from the Holy Spirit.