Sunday School Classes


The children meet at  9:45am in the Fellowship Hall.  After a time of worship, the children travel together to the education building, where parents may pick up their children at 10:45am.




Teenagers from 7th-12th grade meet  upstairs in the education building at 9:30am each Sunday. Students participate in more in-depth study of lectionary readings and other topical Bible studies.

Faith Class

The Faith class is a blended group of mostly 30-somethings (couples and singles, with and without children) who love the Lord and one another! Its members serve in many different areas of the church and are very involved in the community in addition to sponsoring the Joyful Hearts Ball each spring. They meet upstairs in the main building at 8:45am each Sunday. This class is currently studying Altar Ego by Craig Groeschel.

Barnabas Class

This is a mixed class of singles and couples, many of which have grandchildren, several retirees, but all still very active and energetic!  Typical ages range from 45-70. The Barnabas class meets upstairs in the main building each Sunday at 9:30am.

This class also provides the Sunday Morning Worship Service at Mountain Meadows Nursing Home on the 3rd Sunday of every month. 

L.I.F.E. Class

L.I.F.E. stands for Living In Faith Everyday.  This class is a class geared towards adult couples and singles ages 30-45, many with growing families.  Each year, they sponsor the Giving Tree as an outreach, and they participate in topical studies each week. This class meets in the basement of the main building each Sunday at 9:30am.

Chaney-Huddleston Fellowship

This adult Sunday school class is open to all and is active in several outreach activities. They enjoy a variety of different speakers who determine the topic of each week’s discussion, and they meet in the basement at   9:30am each Sunday.


The Alpha class meets upstairs in the Educational Building at 9:30am each Sunday.  This adult is a Bible study group that seeks guidance from the Holy Spirit.